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Stainless and Alloy Supplier

Contec Steel INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD as a specialist in special steel, we supply and sell stainless,Alloy, and Aluminum, assembly and sub-assembly magnets and processed parts. All products get corresponding certifications.

Conforming to CE & SGS Standard

Our teams specialized in the industry for over 13 years with rich experience in different stainless steel projects, and are familiar with variety of stainless steel standards, such as CE, SGS and so on. We can design and customize for unique requirements, and assure the safety, efficiency and reasonable price.

  • Robust

    High quality material and strict process for safety

  • Advantage

    High strength, Anti-corrosion, better ductility

  • Specialized

    Rich experience in Stainless steel standard and construction projects

  • Easy

    One-stop service for all equipment and accessories


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