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What advantages does the stainless steel have as the construction?


1.     Its exterior is beautiful. The surface of stainless steel has blink, which can make itself popular in many places. Some indoor skating rink, dacing room and other place will use stainless steel to build the roof.


2.       Its corrode resistance. Many construction place has the material which has high corrode resistance. Stainless steel is satisfied with people’s requiry. Such as 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, which all have good corrode resistance. Titanium plating stainless steel has the best corrode resistance. So, its using time is the longest.

3.       Its easy protection. Stainless steel products protectection is easy if they are not used in the polluted place. The cost of the protectionis low, and cleaning them is easy. A research finds, the cost of daily protection of some external and internal construction is high. But if using stainless steel can save much. Stainless steel has good strength, corrode resistance, beautiful exterior and easy cleaning which let it populared with othre constructors.

4.       Its cost is low. The stainless steel is different now. The quality of previous stainelss steel is not good and the cost is high. Compared with other decoratives, the large quantity of stainless steel decreases the stainless steel price. The development of the techonlogy makes the stainless steel products diversified. Because the productivenness and the quality are improved, stainless steel becomes one of the cost-effectiveness materials.

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