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The uses of stainless steel strip


The stainless steel strip is that we often use during producing. It is taken full use of. Stainless steel strip is a metastable Austenitic stainless steel. With fully solid solution, It will have full Austenite. In Austenite stainless steel, stainless steel strip is the most easily cold-deformed and strengthened steel. The strength and hardness of stainless steel strip can be improved with cold-deformed processing. And it also can keep its plasticity and toughness. The stainless steel strip has good rust resistance. However, it has poor corrosion resistance in reducing media and poor corrosion resistance in chemical media such as acid, alkali and salt. Therefore, it is not recommended for use in harsh environments.


Stainless steel strip is used to the fittigs of withstanding higher loads and decreasing the weight of equipment. Stainless steel belts are prone to work hardening when impacted by external forces, which can absorb more impact energy and provide more reliable safety guarantees for equipment and personnel.

Stainless steel belt is the most widely used stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. Usually used in food production equipment, Xitong chemical equipment, nuclear energy, etc. Compared with 304 stainless steel, 301 stainless steel (17Cr-7Ni-carbon) has less Cr and Ni content, and the tensile strength and hardness are increased during cold working, and it is non-magnetic. However, after cold processing, there is magnetism which can be used in trains, aircraft, conveyor belts, vehicles, bolts, springs, and screens.

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