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What is indefinite size 304 stainless steel bar?


In our cpountry stianless steel industry, 304 stainless steel bar size can be classified as regular size and changeable size. In easy word, the regular size that the producer decides, which is used to the wholesale quantity of stainless steel. And the changeable size is that customer decides. This is private custom. 304 stainless steel bar is the stainless steel and heat resistance steel which is used widely. It used to food producing equipments, general chemical equipment and so on. The alloy element of Stainless steel bar forms the dense oxide film and insulates oxygen contact to prevent oxdizing. So stainless steel is not 304 stainless. Stainless steel manufacturer analyse the industry customers, and find 65% customers need regular size, but other 35% customers need different size.


The conventional dimensions of the stainless steel industry generally refer to the following: such as 1000*2000/1219*2438/1219*8/1219*4000 and other. And indefinite size is that business customers give the industry size information. Then, industry will process accords with these sizes. In fact, the basic problem of indefinite length is the length of a customized 304 stainless steel rod, because the width of the stainless steel coil produced by the steel mill is nothing more than 1000, 1219, 1500, but the length of time can be analyzed according to the needs of the customer.

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