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What are the main difficulties in stainless steel coil processing?


1.     The strength and temperature of cutting are high: This material has high strength, so the pressure is big when cutting. Otherwise, the heat conductivity of the material is bad which makes the cutting temperature high.


2.      Processing hardening is severe: Austenite stainless steel and other high temperature alloy stainless steel is Austenite. They all have severe processing hardening. The tool cuts in the work-hardened area, shortening the tool life.

3.       Easy to stick to the knife: Both austenitic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel have the characteristics of strong chipping and high cutting temperature during processing. When the tough chips flow through the rake face, the sticking phenomenon such as bonding and welding of the product will affect the surface roughness of the processed parts.

4.       Accelerated tool wear: The above-mentioned materials generally contain high melting point elements, high plasticity and high cutting temperature, which speed up tool wear, sharpening and changing tools frequently, and stainless steel processing, thus affecting production efficiency, stainless steel processing prices, and increasing tool use cost.

5.       Polishing performance: In today's society, stainless steel products generally go through the process of polishing during production, and only a few products do not need to be polished, so this requires good polishing performance of the raw materials.

    The main factors affecting polishing performance are as follows:

   1. Surface defects of raw materials. Such as scratches, pitting, pickling, etc.

2. Material problem. If the hardness is too low, it is not easy to polish the stainless steel during processing and polishing, and if the hardness is too low, orange peel is easy to appear on the surface during deep drawing, which affects the BQ performance. BQ with high hardness is relatively good.

3. After deep-drawn products, small feed points and RIDGING will appear on the surface of the area where the deformation ji is large, which will affect the BQ

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