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The stainless steel of the elevators


We often take elevator in our daily life. So , Why elevators will use stainless steel?

Now, the improtant reason is that stainless steel material has high cost performance. And the other reason is that theory”plane mirror theory”. When using mirror stainless steel in the elevators, people can see themselves from the mirror as the theroy. In human eyes, we will feel that the distance between ourselves in the mirror is long. The area in the evelator is small, then we will feel spacious as this visual effects. And the designers will use mirror stainless steel sheet with colors and patterns to keep the elevators beautiful. Choosing this way can not only keep the elevators beautiful, but also care about people's feeling and the cost of elevators materials. So elevators will use stainless steel.


Stainelss steel is used in the elevators car decoration, ceiling, car door and hall door, door cover, floor display and control panel and handrail, etc. The 304 stainless steel is used mostly. 316 stainless steel is mainy used in the sea area, place with high corrosion and heavy duty escalator, 443 stainless steel can replace 304 stainless steel in the special situation.

In general, elevators use 0.8mm thickness stainless steel, taking the 10-story building as an estimate, the demand for stainless steel for elevators of three sizes in my country is between 249 kg and 345 kg. Under normal circumstances, the demand for stainless steel for standard escalators of 4.5 meters and 5.0 meters is about 642.69 kg to 780.87 kg, respectively.

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