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The knowledge of stainless steel security door


According to the different materials, security door can be classified as wood, ferrite, copper security door and stainless steel security door. The stainless steel security door is the door which was manufactured with stainless steel sheets. Its exterior is the same as the ordinary doors. It main material is stainless steel sheet. The filer of it is foam or honeycomb paper which is beautiful and good security. So it is popular with people.


Stainless steel security door can also be classified as pure stainless steel door and stainless steel skeleton door. The stainless steel door is manufactured with 1.5mm thickness stainless steel sheet cutted and welded with TIG welding. It has no pipe skeletons, but has compact structure. However, the cost of manufacturing is too high. But the skeleton door is popular with people, it is manufactured by the stainless steel pipes welded as a frame, and covered the 0.8mm thickness stainless steel sheet which should be welded with skeleton. The hollow part will be decorated with flower. Then, we will inlaid double-sided glasses.

Now, the door is often manufactured with stainless steel. It is beautiful, durable, and anti-corrosion.

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