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Precautions for painting stainless steel strip


Stainless steel strip is the covered material which we often use. Painting stainless steel strip is the basic way to protect 201 stainless steel strip. Many coating protection and repairing is suitable for the surface of 201 stainless steel strip. After using 201 stainless steel strip which was painted for a long time, it will have little corrosion and the coating will lose little. If the coating loses, even a little, such as pinhole. It will creat rust spots. The rust will be small like needle tip, and also covers widely. When repairing, the corrosive of coating must be removed.

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  Regardless of the size of the corrosion point, any paint that does not adhere well around it should be removed. This is very important because many coating lose during the corrode area lose the adhension. If we don’t remove the bad coating, it will also have corrosion after repairing. The area to be repaired should be a tapered mouth with feather-like thin edges spread out around it, so that after the repaired paint is filled, it will have a larger contact area with the old coating, increasing the adhesion between the new and old coatings. This is not only beneficial for the repair, but also leaves a better appearance on the repaired surface.

  Repairing the surface of 201 stainless steel strip is a laborious and time-consuming task. Before starting any patching process, you should understand the many difficulties and obstacles encountered during patching. It is important to know that patching can also cause great damage to the old intact coating.

  Many repair difficulties stem from the repair methods used. If the coating method for the surface of the new 201 stainless steel strip is still used, that is, the surface is cleaned first, and then the surface is treated with sandblasting to a white level, and then the paint is applied, it will be very unfavorable for the coating that needs to be repaired.

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