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How do we choose the raw material of stainless steel welding pipe?


The raw material of stianless steel welding pipe is stainless steel sheet or stainless steel strip. Stainless steel strip includs hot rolled stainless steel strip and cold rolled stainless steel strip. With the technology of desulfurization, vacuum pump scouring and hot rollig are better, and the quicker development of welding technology and welding test, the raw material of stainless steel welding pipes become more. So, the types and specifications also increase.



  Choosing the stainless steel welding pipes effectivly is an important work. It not only involves the scurity of stainlesss steel welding pipes, but also has the economic benefits. Therefore, generally in the order contract, there will be clear requirements and detailed indications.


  Stainless steel welding pipes use the principles of raw material of stainless steel: we choose the best suitable. After the selected steel grade can meet the application conditions and standard corrosion resistance, the steel grade with good structural mechanical properties, physical properties, production processing formability and electric welding performance should be selected. While meeting the above requirements, steel grades with lower production costs should be used. But as the raw material of stainless steel welded pipe, its main requirements are the processability and electric welding weldability of the raw material.


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